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About Terry Brighton


Terry Brighton writes on military history. He lives in England with his wife, Linda, and their dog, Belle.

Terry studied philosophy at Lancaster University and theology at Birmingham University before being ordained an Anglican priest. His parishes included St Martin’s in Hereford, where he stood in as chaplain to the SAS and first developed an interest in military history.

After leaving the church he worked on the curatorial staff of the Queen's Royal Lancers Regimental Museum, for which he remains a consultant.


Charge of the Light Brigade

Terry is best known for his research on the Charge of the Light Brigade, published in Hell Riders: the Truth about the Charge of the Light Brigade. He used survivors’ accounts, many never before published, to give the soldiers' viewpoint of this famous cavalry action.

 In October 2004, on the 150th anniversary of the Charge, he broadcast an account of this action from the Crimea to the U.S. live on NPR.


Masters of Battle 

According to Publishers Weekly it was his later work on the Second World War generals Patton, Montgomery and Rommel that moved him “into the top rank of general audience military writers”.

Using the personal writings of the generals, Terry argues that the explosive relationship between the allies Patton and Montgomery had a greater effect on the conduct and course of the war than the respectful relationship between the enemies Patton and Rommel.


Terry and Linda 

After living for several years in Tenerife, Terry and Linda returned to England. They have spent several years renovating a listed house in Lincolnshire.


2020 - a busy publishing year 

Hell's Mile fulfils a promise Terry made after appearing on the Richard & Judy TV chat show to promote Hell Riders. Richard Madeley asked why no-one had written the novel - was it too big a subject? Terry promised to write it. Hell's Mile was published in June.

Two non-fiction works, The Wars of Thomas Morley and Winston's Charge, were published by Hard Corps Books in June.

Hard Corps Essays (an imprint of Hard Corps Books) published George & Winston and Petticoat President in July, and will publish Redcoat Cavalry in August.

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